After over 35 years of conducting “live” classes, Covid 19 has made it impossible for us to continue.  It doesn’t appear, conducting live classes will become feasible, in the foreseeable future.  For the past year, we offered online classes, but quite honestly, that’s out of our comfort zone, so we decided this may be a good time to retire. 

Our contractors are the reason for our success and you have been the best group of people we could ever have hoped for.  Many of you have been taking our classes for nearly as long as we have been giving them.  We will miss you.

 Thank you so much, Joe Bello, Pete D’Orazio, Bernadette & Sandi.

 - You will still be able to “CONTACT US” with any questions or concerns

 -The TES phone 856-783-6503 will remain active indefinitely

The TES e-mail TecEduServ@aol.com will also remain active indefinitely. Your e-mails will be answered by Joe Bello, Education Director.

-If you had registered for any of our online Mike Holt classes and have not completed them, you will continue to have access to those classes until 12-31-22.

 -This website will remain in service until 9-24-24

 -The PO Box will remain active until March 31, 2022

 -We strongly recommend Mike Holt Enterprises, for those continuing to take on-line classes.  We have partnered with them for the last couple of years and are confidant they are a first-class organization and extremely customer focused.

     - For information on their classes, e-mail MikeHolt.com or call 888-632-2633

E-Mail your Request for Info to Joe Bello, Education Director (Click Here)